Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Follow-up #1

Garrett had is first followup appointment with his Oncologist today. He had a CT scan with contrast on Monday and then met with the doc today to review the findings. The doc said....

He's still clean!

The CT scan showed that the blood clots have gone away and that there are no new masses or signs that the cancer has come back. His blood markers, CBC, and one other tests all came back normal. He also got some good news that he no longer has to take the Cumadin (spelling sorry?) blood thinners. He is really excited about that. That means that as far as they are concerned his body is as back to normal as it can be.

YAY for G!

The only bit of "bad" news is that instead of having to wait only a year to turn in mission papers he will have to wait two years. Apparently the first two years are the most likely time that the cancer could come back so they don't want him going anywhere during that time. But once he is cancer free for two years he is free to put in papers. It was a little discouraging but he was happy to know that all is well still.

Thanks to everyone for continued love and support.