Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three down...One to go...HOPEFULLY!!

G finished round three of chemo yesterday. He's pretty beat but feeling energized knowing that there is a very good chance that he will only have one more round to go!! Monday starts round 4 off with 5 days in a row.

He has another pulminary function test today so hopefully that will be a good indicator at how well he is doing. He also has to go every day to the hospital to get Pnuemagen ( idea) shots. These shots help his body make white blood cells. If his count is too low they can't do Chemo.

Keep your fingers crossed that this will be the last round. Once they are finished they will schedule him for some various scans to check that the chemo "melted" the tumors in his lungs and stuff like they had planned.

We'll see!! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Better LATE than NEVER....

Dad finally emailed me some photos from Graduation and from when the baseball team shaved their heads. So here you go...enjoy.
This is the baseball team showing off their funny bald heads. Can you tell which one is G-baby? His head is the most white and shiny :)
Here's a picture of all of their faces. What good friends they are to do such a crazy thing.

Here is from Graduation. This is Alex, Jayne, Katelyn, G, and Parker. John and I were unable to fly up to attend and Heather had her grandfather pass away so she wasn't able to attend either.

The proud parents with their 5th child graudation from Burley High School. Go Cats!

This is Garrett and Kace and someone else who I am not sure who they are....Sorry.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pathology Report

Monday Garrett had an appointment with his Oncologist in Twin before his Chemo treatment. The doctor gave them the pathology report from the testicle that G had removed last week.

Drum roll please......

The tumor is now just a dead tumor with no more cancer.

This is SUPER news. The doctors kept telling us that there are two types of tumors. The kind that the Chemo doesn't penetrate and then kind that Chemo does. They always remove the tumor just to be safe...why take the risk....but apparently the Chemo is working. He started round 3 on Monday. He is only scheduled for 4 rounds. Once they are finished they will do another CT scan to see if the tumors in his lungs and stuff have "melted" away like they had anticipated. This news that the original tumor has been cleared of cancer is such a good indication.

If eveything keeps going like they plan, Garrett could be Cancer Free by July!!! Keep praying that things keep going textbook.