Thursday, June 4, 2009

Better LATE than NEVER....

Dad finally emailed me some photos from Graduation and from when the baseball team shaved their heads. So here you go...enjoy.
This is the baseball team showing off their funny bald heads. Can you tell which one is G-baby? His head is the most white and shiny :)
Here's a picture of all of their faces. What good friends they are to do such a crazy thing.

Here is from Graduation. This is Alex, Jayne, Katelyn, G, and Parker. John and I were unable to fly up to attend and Heather had her grandfather pass away so she wasn't able to attend either.

The proud parents with their 5th child graudation from Burley High School. Go Cats!

This is Garrett and Kace and someone else who I am not sure who they are....Sorry.


Jayne & Alex Nelson said...

that's John Cummings. Garrett's best friend!

Anonymous said...

hahah how do you forget john!