Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Round 2

Garrett started round 2 of his Chemo on Monday. So today puts him at day three. He is doing really well. These last few days after chemo is legs have been really weak and jello-ee (if that is a word) but then after he lays down for a little while he feels better. He is still super tired but doing well.

He has two more rounds this week, Thursday and Friday, and then he has his next treatment on day 9 which is Tuesday of next week. Then on Wednesday he has Seminary Graduation....YAY!!! Then the next treatment is the following Tuesday on day 16, followed by High School Graduation on Wednesday.(GO CATS!) These next few weeks are going go by so quickly with everything going on. I think that is a good thing because this round will go the quickest.

Garrett also got the results of his pulminary function test. It is a test that they do to his lungs to see how much air they can hold and how much air he can push out. In the hospital when they did this test it was only at 75%, today's results were 95%. That is a huge improvement. They are really glad about that.


Jayne & Alex Nelson said...

GO GARRETT! You're the man buddy! Remember what I said: you're my hero!

Our family! said...

Great news regarding your lungs!!! It was so good to see you at TB. You are awesome Garrett!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed meeting you and you have a lot of support and people that care about you. You have a presence about you that is very positive and strong and I know that you will battle with a smile on your face. Keep it up man and the Broncos are cheering for you! Coach Harsin

Ted said...

Wow Garrett you are amazing! I still can't believe you are almost through the second round of chem. Great news about your lungs. Take care and remember we all love ya dude and are praying for you. Tell Parker he looks like he has a mohawk in that one picture, it really cracked us up. Get lots of rest and if you need some more movies just call. Love, Aunt Jo