Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three down...One to go...HOPEFULLY!!

G finished round three of chemo yesterday. He's pretty beat but feeling energized knowing that there is a very good chance that he will only have one more round to go!! Monday starts round 4 off with 5 days in a row.

He has another pulminary function test today so hopefully that will be a good indicator at how well he is doing. He also has to go every day to the hospital to get Pnuemagen ( idea) shots. These shots help his body make white blood cells. If his count is too low they can't do Chemo.

Keep your fingers crossed that this will be the last round. Once they are finished they will schedule him for some various scans to check that the chemo "melted" the tumors in his lungs and stuff like they had planned.

We'll see!! :)


The Call's said...

Wow! This could be the last round!!! Hang in there. I'm sure you've had it with the chemo, but all will be fine soon!
We think of you always.
The Calls

Anonymous said...

Hey man--way to be. way to be. I am so proud of come to provo...

-do I even need to say who?

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know we are always wishing you the best. You are also always in our prayers. Sam asks about you often and wants us to wish you the best. Be strong.
Thinking of you always.
The Jamison/Yoshida Family.