Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another visitor

I just wanted to post a picture of one of Garrett's visitors. On Sunday Sam and his family came to visit. Garrett was so excited to see his friend. The support of his friends has been so great. He has really been blessed with some really great ones. Keep up the support.


Reid said...

I LOVE this picture--because I love those boys! Is there any way that you could send this to our missionary? He considers those two boys his best friends in the world! I'd be happy to share his email address if you don't have it. See you soon, Garrett! Love, Mama Beck

Dallon Henkel said...

Garrett, I am so glad you are doing better. I did not find out till today and was so shocked and even now, still crying man, Still crying... I don't even know what to say other than I am grateful to have known you and had some great memories together. One that comes to mind is when i spent the night at your house and played basketball with no shoes and watched george of the jungle and played old school games and stuff.

Garrett I have seen the good works you have done for yourself, friends, family, and community. wonderful. I try hard to figure out what goes on in good ol' Burley but it's not good enough, i seem to fail and just hate it. What a strong spirit you have. I know you will continually shine and make our heavenly father proud with your ambitions and goals. Keep it up

I hope to hear from you some.
Your Friend,