Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well as I type this post Garrett is on his way to Home Sweet Home. He is so ready and excited to be able to sleep in his own bed! They should be home in Burley around 7pm'ish. I think more than Garrett, Mom is so excited to be home too. Sleeping on a small couch in a hospital room isn't the best way to get some rest either.

Today Garrett had his last chemo treatment of the 5 day segment for this cycle. He is handling the Chemo exceptionally well. The PA from the Oncology Department has been so impressed at how well he is doing. So far, he hasn't felt really sick just really tired. He has also lost his appetite. Nothing sounds good or looks good to him. Despite the sleepyness and loss of appetite he is in really good spirits...being G-baby. (Should this suprise He is a fighter and he is doing so well. Hopefully the rest of Chemo will be this way. He is only 5 days in to cycle 1 of 4 but if it continues going the way it is now than it will fly by.

Also today Garrett had the filter removed from his vein. The filter is the little thing they put in through his neck to catch any blood clots before they went to his heart. The doctors have been checking his blood every 6 hours to make sure that it is the right consistancy. His blood is right where they want it which means they have his blood thinners to the correct dosage so they could remove the filter because their should not be any more clots. This is really good news because they thought they would not be able to remove it for several weeks.

By the way--G-baby wanted me to wish Peyton Goodluck tonight at Junior Miss. He really wishes he could be there. You'll do great! Good Luck!

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Carrie said...

So glad you guys are headed home! Hope you all get some much needed rest. :) We love you guys!

Carrie, Shane & Emma