Monday, April 13, 2009

Pictures from the hospital....

I know it took us long enough, but here's a bunch of pictures from the hospital. This post may look long, but I'm not gonna write much. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Garrett has had so many visitors at the hospital. Some cousins I've only met once or twice, lots of aunts and uncles, and even a few friends from High School.

And then of course, the fam-damly. He can't get rid of us!

Next are some pictures of just a few of the MANY posters he received. The first two are from the high school, but there are two more not pictured. And two of them are also practically full of signatures on the back as well.

And the lovely candy-grahm poster. I have to mention quickly about the peanut m&m's on the bottom right of the poster. You'll notice a little scribble on the bottom corner of the poster that says, "thanks for sharing." That bag of M&M's is empty except for 2. The signature below that: Rob Hansen. Garrett's young men's president. Didn't you know Garrett? All that candy is not for YOU! It's for you to share with your friends and family! We got a kick out of that.

And we couldn't have let G-baby spend so much time in bed without some entertainment! Here's Garrett sporting one of his MANY new beanies he got as a gift as he plays his x-box. It's too bad he'll be bald in the SUMMER, they need to invent a beanie that keeps your head COOL!

And finally, Garrett with his nephew Lucas. That boy has the most adorable smile! He got to spend five whole days with g-baby before going home to Las Vegas.

Sorry the pictures took so long. We're so busy here. And there's so much to do at the house to get ready for g-baby to come home. I've got to scrub both bathrooms (we know how much bacteria resides THERE!) and lysol all the doorknobs. We want the house as bacteria free as possible so Garrett won't be any more sick than he has to be when he gets home. We're counting down the days G-baby!

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Jayne & Alex Nelson said...

I have a WHILE bunhc more i STILL havn't gotten off my camera so there will be plenty more coming! I love the one of his and Pyeton because it looks like he's scared of her or something! ha ha