Monday, April 27, 2009

New Oncologist

Today Garrett and my parents met with Garrett's new oncologist in Twin. She had been on Vacation last week so they met with one of the other doctors in the office. She was apparently very thorough and nice. She met with them for over an hour making sure all the basics were covered and to make sure that everyone was on the same page with everything.

G-baby was supposed to be having his last treatment of this cycle of chemo before cycle 2 starts next week but now they are going to skip it. They did a blood test to check his white blood cell count and it way too low to do Chemo. So instead he has to go to the hospital every day this week to get a shot that will help his body boost his white blood count. They said that it isn't "bad" per say but it is lower than they would like. So if you see Garrett walking around with a doctors mask more frequently that is why. We don't want him to get sick with something stupid like a cold and end up in the hospital.

Good news though: the doctor said the first round of chemo is a pretty good indication how the rest of them will go. So the fact that he hasn't been nauseated and sick is a good sign that he won't be for the rest of the treatments. Yay for that. Also, G has gained back 4 lbs! Mom has been catering to his appetite and it seems to be working.

G is still super tired but is getting used to it for the most part. His hair has started falling out (in other places than his head). I keep teasing him that he'll have smoother legs than all of his sisters!

Oh and the doctor said they may be doing the surgery to remove his testicle between the 2nd and 3rd cycles of Chemo. They are not 100% on that yet but it looks like that is where he's headed. If they do that they will probably go back to Salt Lake to have that done. We'll keep you posted.


Tom and Emily said...

Thanks for the update... Give everyone our love!

The Vimahi's said...

love you all!!!!

LeeAnn Turner said...

Our prayers are still with you and your family Garrett. Can't come and visit yet cause we've had too much coughing at our house. Want to keep you healthy!