Thursday, April 16, 2009


Don't you think this first picture is absolutely amazing? It's brought tears to many people's eyes! A friend of Garrett's, Carli Parish, took the picture and obviously did a great job. Thanks Carli! His baseball team made these homemade bands to wear during their games that say "GL 5" for Garrett! The cool thing is, the opposing team and arch rival team Minico also wore them during the game since Garrett has become good friends with a few of their players. In fact, during the game this picture was taken, his friend from Minico's team wore #5 and played centerfield for Garrett! The support from his friends and teamates has been UNREAL!

We also have to show our support for Garrett as a family so we are all sportin' our "Livestrong" bands every day as well! If anyone is interested in getting one to wear in Garrett's behalf, you can purchase them online for $1 each @


Anonymous said...

I love this picture of the family! haha it made me laugh. love you guys.


Emily Silva said...

Hope you liked your "mission call" from Seminary ha ha! We miss you everyday!!