Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thanks whoever you are....

Here's a video of what we found when Dad, Parker, Katelyn and I got home.

We would just like to thank everyone once again for all the love, support and prayers. It has truly been felt by our family.

Today Garrett got his second round of chemotherapy. Today he got three medications instead of two, so it literally took about 3 and a half hours to get it all into his system. It's kinda interesting because those nurses wear a special gown, and gloves, and they place a barrier around Garrett's arm when they administer that stuff. It's pretty crazy that they're putting something so toxic they won't even touch it INSIDE of his body. But if it'll make the cancer go away, we're all for it.

Garrett got special permission to go down to the cafeteria today. According to mom, it was really nice for him to get off the 9th floor and have a little adventure. He got to take the elevator down to the main floor and get himself some ice cream.

Garrett has also had several visitors over the past few days. He's had LOTS of family come, as well as some friends from school. I know he is truly grateful for all the support, and I think he especially enjoys the company of his friends.

Katelyn and Jayne have taken several pictures at the hospital, that we are excited to post as soon as we can get a way to pull them off the camera and onto the computer. I'd just like to also add, that from my personal observation: G-baby seems to be in much better spirits over the past few days. I think the initial shock is over, and he seems very optimistic. He's being very friendly with the nurses and staff, and I've noticed a little bit of a light in his eyes this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I cannot even believe this happened. I cried because I cannot even believe all the kindness!! I love you guys so much and it is really appreciated!!! THANK YOU!


momredder said...

Just a note to tell you that we love and admire your family so much. You have been in our thoughts and prayers constantly this past week. We all miss you Garrett, and I know everyone is excited for you to come home!! You are truly a good example and inspiration to us. Keep up the hard work this week. We love you- The Redder famly

Con & Vicki Haycock said...

Good morning Garrett and Mom Lyons. You have been in my thoughts and prayers constanly this last week. Hang in there and return home soon.
Vicki Haycock

Jayne & Alex Nelson said...

That is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I've been amazed at the incredible amount of outpouring love our family has felt through all of this! Thank you from me as well for everything "whoever you are" has done for us! I really hope Karms comes around and gets you good! ha ha :)