Friday, April 10, 2009

News from Home

Well, most of the family is with Garrett in Utah right now, but Parker and I are still home in Burley. I am writing this post because I have gotten several phone calls and door visits asking about Garrett having surgery. So I decided I'd better clarify. Garrett will not be having surgery this week. As all things in the medical field are...nothing is ever for sure, and surgery has been postponed till he's had a few rounds of chemotherapy. The doctors decided that it's too dangerous to take him off the blood-thinners right now (which would HAVE to happen if he were to have surgery). The chemo will do it's job whether he has surgery or they've decided to wait a little bit. Last I heard, Garrett is supposed to start chemotherapy tomorrow. He must spend his first round of chemo (which lasts 5 days) in the hospital in Salt Lake. So if he starts tomorrow, we'll see him home Wednesday or Thursday. The rest of his chemo will be done in Twin Falls. So, hopefully (even though you can never count on it) things will go according to plan, and he'll be home next week.
Thanks for all the support and prayers!
Heather Lyons

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