Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome Home G-Baby!

Last night Mom and Garrett came home. They actually surprised me because the original plan was to wait till Thursday (today). However, the sooner the better. We were all rushing to get the house ready, and we decided to make a welcome home banner.

Garrett said he wanted pizza for dinner, so we ordered 3 stuffed crust pizzas. I'm sure it tasted amazing after all that hospital food.

Okay, the video is a little anti-climactic. But that's how it happened, so what can you do? We are so happy to have G-baby home. We've stocked up on lysol and germ-x (hand sanitizer) and spread it all throughout the house. Dad lysoled all the doorknobs and the hand-rail for the stairs.

First thing, when Garrett came home, we had to run to the pharmacy and get all his medications. I won't list them, but basicly it's stuff to help with the symptoms of chemo, and then his blood-thinners. I actually got to administer his blood-thinner injection, because apparently since I've given shots in the mouth, I'm most qualified to give one in the abdomen. Poor Garrett, he says that injection burns really bad when it's given. Luckily, it only lasts a couple minutes and then it's over. He gets that shot twice a day.

Today Garrett went to visit his baseball team, and then this evening went to watch the Junior Miss Pagent. With his immune system on the decline, he figured if there was ever a day that he should get out, it would be today. He actually had his white blood cells checked today, and the levels are low, but they haven't got down that much.... yet. They will continue to drop, and with it his ability to fight off sickness. I think it was pretty important to him to go to that competition though. Pictured to the right is Garrett and Paetyn after the pagent was over.

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LeeAnn Turner said...

Welcome home Garrett! Isn't it a nice place to be? So glad you were able to go to Jr Miss last night, love your picture! :)